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Théo Bignon's artist statement


My work explores the intersections of desire, ornament and queer identity. Referencing French Rococo, needlework traditions, coded signals and cruising culture, I make objects, sculptures and collages that celebrate a sexuality that has been historically considered deviant.  By combining mass-produced objects and materials with handicraft textile techniques such as embellishment, fabric manipulation and piecework, I reflect on the needs and dynamics for queer identities to constitute their own narratives using and adapting elements of the dominant culture. Through processes of appropriation, misuse and deconstruction, I investigate how functional objects can be turned into ornamental and eroticized items that accumulates new meanings around unauthorized desire.

Théo Bignon is a French artist whose work investigates notions of desire and identity through objects, sculpture and 2d work. After graduating in Political Science and Cultural History from Sciences Po Paris, he moved to the US first in Pittsburgh, PA, then in Richmond, VA, Théo currently lives in Chicago, IL, where he is pursuing an MFA in the Fiber & Material Studies Department at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. His work has been exhibited nationally at the Hive Gallery in Los Angeles, CA, The Visual Art Center in Richmond, VA, The Studio Door in San Diego, CA, as well as other galleries across the US. This summer he will attend the Bunker Project Residency in Pittsburgh, PA and open a solo exhibition there.